I was a colic infant with a loud cry. My mother sought advice from my Polish grandmother, the kind of grandmother that has the answer for anything and everything. Grandma advised my mother to dilute chamomile tea and put it in my bottle. Within very little time my cry became softer because the ease that my tummy felt from the tea. Sweet reprieve - thanks for the tea mom!

I believe in the healing power of plants, their intelligence, and the importance of going back to basics and reuniting with Source. 

Tea has been my grounding constant, my greatest teacher, and form of peaceful meditation. One of the lessons I've learned from my tea practice has become the driving force of the way in which I experience my day-to-day. You can't rush tea, you can try but you'll be sure to burn the leaves, your tongue, not experience the intricacies in aroma and flavor, and so on. Tea, like life, is totally missed when we rush through it. There is an abundance of beauty and intricacies awaiting us if we just take a moment to slow down and allow them to appear before our eyes. 

Tea is stopping to smell the roses, it's smiling at a passing stranger, it's taking a big inhale and exhale, it's being grateful for each and every living moment on this precious Earth. Tea is about the journey, not the destination.

I created Naked Sage Tea blends to share with you a lifestyle that pulls from ancient practices and is enriching to the mind, body and soul.

Thank you for taking a pause for what is truly my heart's work. May you sip in peace, love, and happiness.

In Gratitude,

Alicia Henry

Founder & Herbal Alchemist