What If Today, We Spoke Our Truth?

It’s been coming up in conversation quite often among my peers...truth. When should we speak it and why is it that we don’t always allow ourselves to do so? Since there is no rule book on communicating truth, we have to abide by our trusty inner compass. Though, it’s all too easy to drown out that guide and carry on with not speaking our truth. And so we get back aches, heartache, and our mind becomes filled with thoughts of “what ifs.” What if today, with love in our hearts, we just said it. What if?

We Are

Tell them who you are...
Beyond your exquisite scars,
In your dimmest hour — the dilly-dallying of your immense power,
Tell them how you feel...
In a single moment your vast truth
May break the mold, the plastic exterior of common conversation.
Tell him what you want...
For if you do, is it the end that you fear?
The resolution to repressed desires —
(An expansion of self may emit joy from your soul!)
Radiating past particularly practical underwhelming ways of unliving.
Tell her what you need...
Expression of doubt,
numbed mildly by the masculine idea of the masculine —
Self - doubt.
The strength in peeling back the layers of silence
into gifting words of transparent wishes,
No doubt, Received.
When we tell them who we are,
Baring our scars,
Burning flames of this human experience,
All shades of the same temperature,
Hearts beating - lit to be seen!
We are who we are.
When we meet ourselves in solitude our soul echoes out —
We Are.

Original Poem by Alicia Henry (2016)

This poem was originally published on The Huffington Post